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Bunya Camp – An International Student


​Bunya Camp – An International Student


The Bunya Camp organized by the school from May 10th

to 12th was a great way to experience indigenous Australian

culture and learn and reflect on the various perspectives given

to us by the elder, Uncle Ken, and the camp leader for the

campout expedition, Dave. It was an amazing experience and

I felt very honoured and privileged to be able to visit the bora

ground, in which the aboriginal people performed their

ceremonies. Going to the Bunya camp was, without

exaggeration, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that challenged

me both physically, with the canoe rowing, and in terms of

the perspectives that Uncle Ken shared with us and his insight

into the aboriginal culture and of the modern world. The Bunya

camp encouraged us to work as a team in order to complete

tasks and achieve our goals. For example, on the first day,

we built a covered structure that protected our gear from the

rain and provided a communal area in which we played some

games, ate dinner and talked afterwards. Making dinner was

also a team building exercise, both on the first and second

day of camp. Canoeing was probably the biggest team building

exercise as it required a great deal of coordination and

leadership to row and keep the canoe on course. On the

second day, when we first canoed, it was difficult for most of us

and it took more than two hours, however, on the third and last

day we canoed at a great pace, crossing the lake in around an

hour and twenty minutes. This shows a growth in team building

and coordination between people. I also spoke to people that I

usually don’t speak to on a daily basis which was a nice change

of pace.